Love & Life Vision

“Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.” — David R. Hawkins


Can you imagine this: how different the world would be if we all truly loved ourselves and each other.  We would feel no separation, knowing that what we do, think about, or project onto others, we do to ourselves. There would be real peace, joy, prosperity, optimal health, and purposeful work for everyone. We would sage into respected elders after living a full and meaningful life, while still contributing to the greater good.

Engaging Love and Wisdom™ (ELP) is a personal, spiritual and holistic lifestyle for supporting transformation in the five life areas everyone struggles with. It is about truly embracing your life journey as a human being, and at the same time, practice living a life of self-awareness, optimal health, creative purpose, deep love, community and service.

ELP programs blend Wisdom Teachings, Transpersonal Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation, Neuroscience, MindBody Cuisine, Energy Movement, Connecting Exercises, professional expertise, and lots of fun, laughter and aha’s.

It’s time. Many of us are being called to show up, wake up, own up, grow up, and stand with one another as intelligent, loving and mature human beings who live and practice love and wisdom, then teach it forward. This is how we will transform the world – creating a new evolving humanity. We learn a love and wisdom tool; practice it consistently; which integrates it into mind, body & spirit; which transforms the old beliefs and stories that run our lives.

If you really want to transform your life, health, work, relationships and contribute your unique gifts to the world, you’ve come to a good place. ELP is offered in many formats so everyone can participate at whatever level works best for them.

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