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Maureen and Matthew :: 9.20.15 :: Della Terra Mountain Chateau

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I love ceremonies and rituals! And as an Interfaith Minister, I honor the customs and traditions from all the world religions and spiritual paths. My ability to combine elements from different cultures, customs and spiritual paths to give couples what they want, has made what some might feel like a difficult situation turn out to be the highlight of a couples wedding day.

Every couple is different and has their own vision of how they would like their love expressed in ceremony. The role of the Celebrant or Officiant is to assist, advise, and coach you in the possibilities and preparation of the ceremony. And then deliver it in a professional, authentic, heartfelt manner.

I feel that the ceremony is the heart of your wedding day. What I hear most from family, friends and guests after the ceremony is “that was an amazing ceremony. It truly captured and reflected them.”

A well designed ceremony has a clear structure. It flows smoothly, maintains everyone’s interest, engages family and friends, and remains personal and intimate throughout. Working together, we co-create a unique, meaningful and beautiful ceremony that celebrates your love.

Simple, sacred, eclectic or elegant – your ceremony will be your way and extraordinary.

I look forward to the possibility of working together.


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