Vow Renewal


To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you’re wrong, admit it; whenever you’re right, shut up! – Ogden Nash

There are many reasons couples renew their marriage/commitment vows, or update their vows. Renewal of Vows ceremonies are often used by couples who married at a courthouse – who now want a more meaningful ceremony. Renewal ceremonies are often given as gifts by children to their parents as a way of saying thank you.  A Renewal of Vows ceremony is also an excellent opportunity to involve the children – young or old – in the ceremony via rituals and readings (or surprises)!

At the time of the ceremony I spend a little time reflecting on your history, revisit the important events along the way (eg. birth of your children, relocation of your home) – anything that has helped shape your lives together. Some couples may wish to say the vows they made on their wedding day or perhaps write new vows. Rings are exchanged either the original wedding rings or new ones. If you wish to exchange a gift to mark the occasion, I make sure that it is incorporated as part of the celebration if appropriate. You may even be able to gather the original wedding party.

To mark the event you will receive a Certificate which shows your original marriage date, place, etc…. and then gives the details of this celebration. As with your original Certificate of Marriage, there is a space for your signatures, your witnesses and mine as the officiant. You will also receive a keepsake copy of the entire ceremony.

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